Mellby Gård Jordbruk


Mellby Gård Jordbruk is engaged in large scale agriculture and forestry, focusing primarily on pig and cattle farming, forestry and horse breeding. Following several years focusing on renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings and new construction, operations are now focusing on growth and expansion.

“Consumption of Swedish meat is increasing, which is satisfying,” says steward Petter Beckman, who is responsible for operations at Mellby Gård. “We take a very positive view of the future with regard to our pig farming. The Swedish model of animal husbandry, entailing good animal care and restricted use of antibiotics, is an important competitive advantage internationally. Considerable potential remains and Mellby Gård is therefore increasing its pig farming.”

The weather impacted the year, particularly for horticultural operations. The summer and autumn of 2017 brought more rain than usual, impeding harvesting. “In the forestry operations, the market has remained strong, with high demand for both pulp and wood. In general, profitability is also good. We have felled somewhat more than usual, particularly pine, because of the improved price situation,” says Petter Beckman.

Mellby Gård continuously considers opportunities for expansion and land acquisitions. This is an important part of the growth strategy.

To increase growth and profitability, Mellby Gård seeks new ways of increasing demand for its products. The focus is currently on pig farming.

“We have 15 permanent employees doing a great job,” says Petter Beckman. “In green industry, finding the right employees with the right skills is a challenge and the requirements are increasing.”

Mellby Gård also maintains sizable horse breeding and racing operations. In total Mellby Gård has about 100 horses, including 25 breeding mares and the breeding stallion Mellby Viking. Several horses are stabled with elite trainers around Sweden and other countires.

“A few years ago, we restructured our horse operations with the aim of more quickly assessing which of the horses has the best potential,” says Jan-Olov Andersson, harness racing trainer at Mellby Gård. “As a consequence, results have gradually improved and, in 2018, we have seen a significant increase winnings.”

– Petter Beckman, operations manager (left)

– Jan-Olov Alfredsson, harness racing trainer (right)

The Mellby Gård farm is located just south of Hässleholm in the southernmost Swedish province of Skåne. The farm conducts modern, large-scale farming operations focusing primarily on pig and cattle farming, forestry and horse breeding. The farm belongs to one of the largest pig farmers in Skåne and annually produces some 17,000 pigs for slaughter. The total area is a little more than 4,000 hectares, divided between about 80 percent forest, 15 percent arable land and 5 percent pasture. Mellby Gård’s forestry operations are certified in accordance with FCS and PEFC and are conducted efficiently with long-term planning. The land is rich in game, offering hunting for elk, red deer, wild boar and roe deer. Hunting is conducted regularly, led by Andreas Molin.

Mellby Gård Jordbruk is a sister company to Mellby Gård. Mellby Gård’s representative on Board of Directors: Rune Andersson, Chairman.

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