Patience has always been a pillar of Mellby Gård’s strategy. We are an owner-company that seeks long-term investments in mature industries and in companies with clear potential for progression. These are companies where we, with our active owner model – in combination with our competence, our network of contacts, and our resources – can move companies from promising to leading. Together with motivated management teams, professional boards and other owners, we have in more then 30 years created independence for our companies to grow and to reach new heights.

Today we stand stronger than ever before. With major ownership in companies which, combined, have a revenue of nearly 25 billion SEK, distributed across several independent industries, we are well equipped for both future threats and opportunities.

Three of our companies are listed on the stock exchange, but we are unlisted as a group, which is an environment we quite like. However, this also means we cannot raise funds on the stock exchange, if such need would arise. Instead, we have chosen to spread our holdings in companies across a range of industries – a strategy that has proved to work well over the years, as a negative development in one industry often is matched with a positive development in another.

When we make investments, we mostly do so in our existing companies. However, to grow and develop over time, we are also on the search for exciting new companies to invest in. This is done with the same strong engagement we always apply to anything we do – involving both heart and mind.

With a strong balance sheet, we are ready for another year. We will continue to show courage and we will continue to challenge. We are not afraid to enter industries in need of change and innovation. We are not afraid to engage in the debate on important fundamental issues, such as the value of entrepreneurship in the welfare sector.

Therefore, we are very pleased to have expanded Mellby Gård through main ownership in educational company AcadeMedia, the integration of the Dea Axelssons clothing chain, and increased holdings, such as in resource company StudentConsulting.

We are proud of the year we’ve left behind and look forward to the future with anticipation.

Johan Andersson,
MD Mellby Gård AB

Johan Andersson

MD Mellby Gård AB

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