We engage both brain and heart when we do things. By operating sound and profitable companies, in an untiring and long-term  approach across generations, we create the freedom for humans and society to progress. Yet this is not always enough; our focus needs to reach further than that.

That’s why we get involved in areas outside our own operations, where we believe our knowledge and experience can be beneficial. In doing so, we also learn the many important things that make us better and help us develop as a business.

The following are some examples of topics and projects to which Mellby Gård has a strong and long-term commitment. Together with other companies, organisations and individuals, we make a big difference.


Growth in the green industries
We are an organisation with roots and activities in agriculture and our endeavour is to contribute to the develop­ment of the green industries. That’s why Mellby Gård provides financial support for a doctoral fellowship at Kompetens­centrum Företagsledning, KFC – a long-term joint investment between the business community and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Together with researchers and other companies, we are working to make the green sector a growth industry of profitable and sustainable businesses.

Inspiration and knowledge for Nobel Prize winners of the future
We believe in science, and want to ensure that what we learn is passed on to future generations. We are proud to be involved in establishing the Nobel Center at Blasieholmen in Stockholm. The centre opens in 2018 and aims at a broad public with exhibitions, school programmes, academic activities and meetings. Read more at

More prestige to the teaching profession
Our teachers do a fantastic job and they deserve all the encouragement they can get. Therefore, we are main sponsors for the Teachers’ Gala, together with the Teachers National Association, Teachers Association and Svenska Dagbladet. Teachers are awarded prizes based on votes from students at Swedish schools. The votes lead to nominations, which an exclusive jury considers in selecting the winners. Read more at


More female entrepreneurs in the third world
We believe being self-sufficient is the key to increased equality and sustainable social development in the third world. Therefore, we support the nonprofit organisation The Hunger Project, which educates women in local entrepreneurship so they can get out of poverty and gain control of their own lives. Read more at

Improving young south africans’ belief in the future
We believe children and youth need security to develop. Project Playground is an organisation that does an amazing job in giving children in vulnerable areas meaningful a
ctivities in a protected environment. That’s why we support the work the organisation does in the shanty towns of South Africa, where children and youth are provided an opportunity to grow their self-esteem, their ambitions and their belief in the future. Read more at


Team sports for everyone
We believe in teamwork, both in our companies and in society at large. To participate in team sports means a great deal to many children, and youth and sports organisations do a fantastic job to promote people’s health and collaborative skills. Therefore, we support a range of sports clubs, including BK Union, IFK Hässleholm and Sösdala IF. Our biggest sports engagement is our main sponsorship of Trelleborg FF, whom we have supported for more than 25 years.

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