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Educational company AcadeMedia has taken on the responsibility of developing the school system and being a role model, both in Sweden and abroad. “We will lead in terms of quality, results and innovation. Our ten percent growth in the past year is evidence we are on the right track,” says Marcus Strömberg, MD at AcadeMedia.

Education is key to human development and competitiveness in and among economies. AcadeMedia educates more than 160,000 people every year at its preschools, elementary schools, high schools, and through adult education.

“Having responsibility for such an important part of society’s foundation is the greatest credibility one can achieve. AcadeMedia thrives on a strong vision to advance the whole educational system and to be a role model, both in Sweden and internationally,” says Marcus Strömberg, MD at AcadeMedia.

Digitalisation is key in fulfilling this vision.

“Our strong focus on digitalisation is about content and effect and thus how we can create better learning opportunities by using digital tools,” says Marcus Strömberg.

Marcus Strömberg believes digitalisation creates new opportunities for tutors to shape the contact and interaction with each individual student. Digital tools can further facilitate work related to inclusiveness and participation.

“We are convinced that teacher shortage, as well as the digital aspects of parents’ and students’ lives, drives the development towards new educational methods. We already have tutors whose teaching reaches tens of thousands of followers on YouTube,” says Marcus Strömberg.

One of the most important endeavours for AdadeMedia is to protect and make use of the inner spark and drive that all students possess.

“Solid and systematic quality assurance processes are required to ensure that everyone reaches their educational goals. AcadeMedia bases their quality assurance work on the AcadeMedia Model – a proprietary and unique model which has been refined over the years and which now has an even clearer focus on continuous development of the education programs,” says Marcus Strömberg.

Within parts of AcadeMedia’s high school and adult education, the operations are largely focused on ensuring that students become employable straight after their graduation.

“Sweden is progressing strongly, while labour shortages and bottlenecks in the labour market are significant. We want Sweden to become a role model for apprenticeships, an area where we have weak traditions. Companies have been relying on the government as an educator,” says Marcus Strömberg.

Another major challenge in Sweden is the integration of refugees.

“Education can, to a significant degree, be the solution to this challenge. Over many years, AcadeMedia has designed and developed a broad platform to support integration at all levels of the educational system. The platform starts in preschool and continues through elementary school and high school and it also includes adult education,” he says.

During the year, AcadeMedia acquired the German preschool operator Stepke, whose seven conventional and three mobile preschools more than doubled AcadeMedia’s operations in Germany.

“We want to expand further overseas and have a number of start-ups planned in Germany. We are operating according to planned growth and operating margin, which is evidence we are on the right track,” says Marcus Strömberg.

Education company Vindora was acquired after the end of the financial year. Vindora has a strong focus on vocational and apprenticeship education. They have, for example, 33 high schools under the structure of Praktiska Gymnasiet.

Marcus Strömberg

MD AcadeMedia AB

AcadeMedia AB

AcadeMedia is northern Europe’s largest independent educator, with operations in Sweden, Norway and Germany. The group has 15,000 employees more than 600 preschools, elementary schools, high schools and adult education centers, with a total of 160,000 students.

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