Aros Kapital

Quick and simple corporate finance

Aros Kapital is a Swedish credit market company, focusing on corporate finance. Offering factoring, corporate loans and leasing services for small and medium-sized businesses, Aros is the complement to major banks for companies that want to grow.

Aros Kapital was founded in 2004 and one of the founders is the company’s current CEO and partner Daniel Güner. In 2014, the company received a credit market permit from Finansinspektionen and in 2015 Mellby Gård Intressenter invested in the company. This gave Aros Kapital a strong financial base that has since seen strong growth.

“The key to Aros’ success lies in finding a niche for small and medium-sized businesses that need funding. When, for various reasons, they are not fully funded by their major bank, we step in as a complement, “says Daniel Güner.

In situations where major banks are either too slow or simply say no to credits, Aros Kapital can move quickly to make decisions to take on risk. It is facilitated by efficient processes that are quick and simple for the customer, whilst at the same time ensuring careful control of credit risks.

“It’s not about making profits on companies in crisis. There are a lot of cases when a healthy growing company needs fast temporary solutions to funding, and we are experts in that, “continues Daniel Güner.

Invoice purchasing with full takeover of credit risk is one of Aros’ many services. Aros also provide various solutions for corporate loans and leasing of equipment and machinery. Everything is done using Aros’ own proprietary IT system, tailored to the tasks. This means an efficiency that will benefit the customer in terms of advantageous terms. Aros’ credit losses amounted to 1.2 percent of the turnover in 2017.

Aros’ main business model is to provide financing services through online operators such as Fort Knox and Lendo. The company also acts directly against customers, but so far no public marketing has been required. “Today, Aros Capital is a complement to the major banks. But we continuously expand our range of services, most recently with leasing, and companies appreciate our efficiency and transparency. Soon, we may very well be clients first choice for financing solutions, “says Daniel Güner.

– Daniel Güner, MD

Aros Kapital’s head office is located in Gothenburg and the company currently employs just over 30 people. The company has offices in Stockholm and Örebro, where the proprietary IT systems are developed.

By 2017, sales amounted to 108 million SEK. In 2018, sales are expected to be reach roughly 150 million SEK.

Aros Kapital is affiliated with the Swedish National Debt Office’s Deposit Guarantee.

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